Isabella Toscano - Isabella's Afterlife

Isabella's Afterlife

Isabella's memory continued to play a role in subsequent story lines. In 1993, Marlena and Roman Brady named their newborn daughter, Isabella. In a not-unusual daytime plot twist, Marlena discovered that John was the father to her daughter Belle, not Roman. Isabella's ghost made several guest appearances: In 1995, as part of Satan's plot, and in 2000, while attempting to save Eric Brady. Later that year, Isabella appeared to John as her former husband prayed for guidance, unsure as how he could best help their angry, now college-age son, Brady. In 2002 and 2003, a ghostly Isabella again appeared to a now calmer Brady, who was struggling with his feelings for Chloe Lane. She also appeared to Brady on several occasions in 2010 while Brady had Vivian Alamain buried alive inside a sarcophagus that Vivian had intended to bury Maggie Horton alive in.

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