Iron Heroes - Published Books

Published Books

In addition to the core book, several supplements have been released.

  • A supplement for Dungeon Masters is available, under the name Mastering Iron Heroes (ISBN 1-58846-797-X). It includes rule variants, tips for running an Iron Heroes adventure, and villain classes.
  • In the same vein, The Iron Heroes Bestiary (ISBN 1-58846-949-2) offers monsters specifically intended for use against Iron Heroes characters, as well as new feats and villain classes.
  • The Iron Heroes Battlebox (ISBN 1-894693-93-0) includes accessories and maps useful in running an Iron Heroes game.
  • An affiliated company, Fiery Dragon Productions, released two adventures for Iron Heroes under the names Dark Harbor (ISBN 1-894693-94-9) and Blood Storm, and is now the official publisher of Iron Heroes itself.
  • Another affiliated company, Goodman Games, released two supplemental adventures, To Duel with Dragons (ISBN 1-300-00103-8) and Song of the Blade (ISBN 1-300-00068-6).
  • A Revised edition of the Iron Heroes Variant Player's Handbook was released by Fiery Dragon Productions on May 1, 2007. The Revised Edition contains all of the errata that has been collected since the original release.
  • The Iron Heroes Player's Companion was released by Fiery Dragon Productions on July 4, 2007. This release contains 3 new classes: the Dedicate, the Myrmidon, and the Spiritualist. The Spiritualist is a new magic-using class that uses a different magic system than the Arcanist. The Player's Companion also includes 21 new Traits, and new feat masteries for all of the feat categories.

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