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Iron Heroes includes nine base classes and a special arcanist class for games in which magic is implemented. Aside from the arcanist, no character is given supernatural abilities, in keeping with the low-magic and gritty feel designer Mike Mearls intended for the game. Some classes have different attack bonuses for different types of weapons, as opposed to the standard d20 convention of using a "base attack bonus" for all weapons. Many classes have access to a "token pool," which allows the character to perform special abilities that use tokens, which are gained through various actions or conditions- akin to rage meters in certain fighting games. Their hit points are generated with a very small die (a four-sided die) with a class-based bonus. This reduces the role of chance in determining a character's ability to withstand damage. Characters also gain access to a "reserve pool" of hit points that they may call upon between battles to restore their hit points, and which replenishes each day. However, almost all healing magic has been removed from the game. The Iron Heroes Player's Companion supplement added three more classes, including a second with supernatural abilities.

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