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Thomas 'Ta' Power
... Thomas 'Ta' Power was an Irish republican socialist who was a leading member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) ... According to the Irish Republican Socialist Movement (IRSM) biography page on Power, he was "from Friendly Street in the Markets area of south Belfast, he had been in the Official IRA ... killed in County Louth alongside INLA leader John O'Reilly, with Hugh Torney injured, by the Irish People's Liberation Organisation which was largely composed of former INLA members, as he arrived to ...
... Republican can refer to An advocate of a republic, a form of government that is not a monarchy or dictatorship, and is generally associated with the rule of law Republicanism, the ideology in support ... Fianna Fáil, a centrist Irish party also known as the Republican Party List of Republican People's Parties, a complete listing Institutions or supporters of particular governments that called themselves republics ... Irish republicanism, a faction in the Irish independence movement supportive of a complete break with the United Kingdom Republican City, Nebraska, a village in Nebraska, United States Republican River ...
XYZ Line - The Battle
... Between July 18 and July 23, these defenses, held by two Republican corps led by Colonels Ernesto Güemes and Carlos Romero, were successful in halting the Nationalist advance ... The Nationalists tried to break the republican defenses with waves of infantry and intense bombing raids, but the Republican defenders through the use of well planned ... On July 23, the offensive was halting and the Republican offensive in the north on July 24, the Battle of the Ebro, prevented any further assaults on the line by drawing ...
Northern Ireland Local Government Elections, 1981 - Results - By Council - Belfast
2,781 SDLP Cormac Boomer 2,070 Independent Socialist Paddy Devlin 1,343 Workers' Party Mary McMahon 1,125 Irish Republican Socialist Gerry Kelly 957 Irish Republican Socialist W ... Turkington 137 Turnout 17,436 People's Democracy gain from Republican Clubs Independent Socialist gain from Social Democratic and Labour Irish Republican Socialist gain ... from Alliance Belfast F Party Candidate 1st Pref DUP Billy Dickson 1,913 Irish Republican Socialist Sean Flynn 1,639 Workers' Party J ...
Anti H-Block - Candidates in The 1981 Irish General Election
9,121 15.10 Elected on the fourth count Clare Tom McAllister INLA – Irish Republican Socialist Party 2,120 4.68 Cork North–Central Mairéad Farrell Provisional IRA ... IRA – Sinn Féin 5,693 11.82 Eliminated on fourth count Waterford Kevin Lynch INLA – Irish Republican Socialist Party 3,337 7.63 ...

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    I pass the test that says a man who isn’t a socialist at 20 has no heart, and a man who is a socialist at 40 has no head.
    William Casey (1913–1987)

    Ireland still remains the Holy Isle whose aspirations must on no account be mixed with the profane class-struggles of the rest of the sinful world ... the Irish peasant must not on any account know that the Socialist workers are his sole allies in Europe.
    Friedrich Engels (1820–1895)

    The Republican party makes even its young men seem old; the Democratic Party makes even its old men seem young.
    Adlai Stevenson (1900–1965)