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Battle Of Najaf (2003) - Taking Najaf
... Due to continued attacks on supply lines by Iraqi forces operating out of bypassed cities, American forces slowed their advance for several days in ... On March 29, the 101st attacked Iraqi forces positioned in an agricultural college in the southern part of the city ... On March 31, the 101st launched a reconnaissance-in-force into Najaf, in the area of the Imam Ali Mosque ...
Barry McCaffrey - Allegations of Misconduct During The Gulf War - Account of The Incident From The General's War
... its equipment, while the Marine Corps forces liberated Kuwait ... Division, to push forward to a point where it would be in between the retreating Iraqi forces, who were coming up from the south, and the northern direction they were headed ... This put the division in position to make contact with retreating Iraqi forces ...
Battle Of Dezful
... Three small Iranian armored regiments advanced towards Iraqi forces who had invaded Iranian territory between the towns of Ahvaz and Susangerd ... The Iraqi forces were alerted to this movement and feigned a withdrawal ... The Iraqis formed three armored regiments into a three-sided box ambush ...
Battle Of Haifa Street - Two-phase Battle - Phase One (January 6 To 9)
... On January 6, 2007, Iraqi soldiers on patrol along Haifa Street discovered a fake checkpoint manned by Sunni insurgents ... A gun battle followed in which Iraqi forces killed 30 insurgents ... The next day, insurgent snipers killed 2 Iraqi security guards near a neighborhood mosque ...
Precision Bombing - Precision Attack in The Gulf War
... Precision attacks against the Iraqi air force destroyed it in its hangars, and precipitated an attempted mass exodus of aircraft to Iran ... bridges served to "channelize" the movement of Iraqi forces and create fatal bottlenecks, and many Iraqis, in frustration, simply abandoned their vehicles and walked away ... slow, and carried in single vehicles that were themselves so often destroyed that many Iraqi drivers simply refused to drive to the KTO ...

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