Iraq Resolution

The Iraq Resolution or the Iraq War Resolution (formally the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, Pub.L. 107-243, 116 Stat. 1498, enacted October 16, 2002, H.J.Res. 114) is a joint resolution passed by the United States Congress in October 2002 as Public Law No: 107-243, authorizing military action against Iraq.

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Iraq Resolution - Legality - Legal Debates - UN Security Council Resolutions
... Debate about the legality of the 2003 invasion of Iraq under international law, centers around ambiguous language in parts of UN Resolution 1441 (2002) ... The position of the US and UK is that the invasion was authorized by a series of UN resolutions dating back to 1990 and that since the UN security council has made no Article 39 finding of illegality that no ... Resolution 1441 declared that Iraq was in "material breach" of the cease-fire under UN Resolution 687 (1991), which required cooperation with weapons inspectors ...

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