In general, an involucre is a covering. It may refer to:

  • in flowering plants: an involucral bract, or a pair, whorl or other collection of such bracts, surrounding a flower or an inflorescence
  • in some fungi: the involucrum, peridium or volva
  • in the fern family Hymenophyllaceae: the cup-shaped indusium surrounding a cluster of sporangia
  • in the Fagaceae: a term sometimes misused for the cupule surrounding developing nuts (e.g., the cap of an acorn)

Other articles related to "involucre":

Corylus Avellana - Description, Ecology and Nomenclature
... of one to five together, each nut held in a short leafy involucre ("husk") which encloses about three quarters of the nut ... The nut falls out of the involucre when ripe, about 7–8 months after pollination ... from the closely related filbert (Corylus maxima) by the short involucre in the filbert the nut is fully enclosed by a beak-like involucre longer than the nut ...
Hazel - Species
... The species are grouped as follows Nut surrounded by a soft, leafy involucre, multiple-stemmed, suckering shrubs to 12m tall Involucre short, about the ... hazel, central and southern China Involucre long, twice the length of the nut or more, forming a 'beak' Corylus colchica—Colchican filbert, Caucasus Corylus cornuta ... mandshurica) Nut surrounded by a stiff, spiny involucre, single-stemmed trees to 20–35 m tall Involucre moderately spiny and also with glandular hairs Corylus chinensis—Chinese ...
Involucral Bracts
... in a whorl subtending an inflorescence are collectively called an involucre ... An involucre is a common feature beneath the inflorescences of many Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Dipsacaceae and Polygonaceae ... The term involucre is also used for a highly conspicuous bract or bract pair at the base of an inflorescence ...
Terminology For Asteraceae - Involucre
... The dictionary definition of involucre at Wiktionary A whorl or set of bracts around a flower, umbel, or head ...