Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility Cloak may refer to:

  • Cloak of invisibility is a theme that has occurred in fiction.
    • Magical objects in Harry Potter#Invisibility Cloaks is the device in Harry Potter books.
  • Cloaking device is a technology for partial or full invisibility to parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Cap of invisibility (aidos kyne√™ in Greek) is a mysterious helmet or cap that possesses the ability to turn the wearer invisible.

Other articles related to "invisibility cloak, cloak":

HP3 - Plot
... Soon Harry, under his invisibility cloak, meets Ron during a Hogsmeade trip when he returns, Snape catches him and confiscates his Marauder's Map ... Ron, Hermione, and Harry shield themselves in Harry's invisibility cloak and head off to comfort Hagrid before the execution ... At this moment, Snape reveals himself from underneath Harry's dropped invisibility cloak, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione disarm him, rendering him unconscious ...
Cloak Of Invisibility - Cloaks of Invisibility in Science
... On October 19, 2006, a cloak was produced that routed microwaves of a particular frequency around a copper cylinder in a way that made them emerge almost as if there were nothing there ... The cloak was made from metamaterials ... Other types of invisibility cloak are also possible, including ones that cloak events rather than objects ...
John Pendry - Career - Invisibility Cloak
... This idea, commonly known as the Invisibility cloak, has stimulated much recent work in the field of metamaterials ... received a large grant from the Leverhulme Trust to develop the ideas of perfect lens and invisibility cloak in the optical range of light ...
Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone - Synopsis - Plot
... Hogwarts for Christmas, and one of Harry's presents, from an anonymous donor, is an Invisibility Cloak owned by his father ... Harry uses the Cloak to search the library's Restricted Section for information about the mysterious Flamel, has to evade Snape and Filch after an enchanted book shrieks an ... However, they are caught, and Harry loses the Invisibility Cloak ...

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