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Main Cast

Cast Role Description
Michael Miu Ko Chung-Ching
Private Investigator Agency Owner
Ex-Police Officer
Lai Siu's lover.
Melissa Ng Lai Siu
Ko Chung-Ching's lover.
Note: Mok Wai-Chi (莫慧姿) is Lai-Siu's twin.
Bernice Liu Man Dai-Bo
Private Investigator
Koon Ching-Wan's girlfriend.
Kenneth Ma Koon Ching-Wan
Police Officer
Ko Chung-Ching's ex co-worker
Man Dai-Bo's boyfriend.
Power Chan Man Kai-Chiu (Super)
Private Investigator
Ko Chung-Ching's younger cousin.
Vivien Yeo Lam Yan-Yan
Private Investigator
Benz Hui Lai Chau (LC)
Lai Siu's stepfather.
Koon Sau-Wah's boyfriend.
Rebecca Chan Koon Sau-Wah
Koon Ching-Wan's sister.
Lai Chau's girlfriend.

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