Internet in Azerbaijan

The Internet in Azerbaijan is growing, supported by a national strategy to develop the country into an information and communication technology (ICT) hub for the Caucasus region. The Azerbaijani government actively seeks to attract foreign aid to help boost the telecommunications and ICT sectors.

The Internet in Azerbaijan remains largely free from direct censorship despite the government’s heavy-handed approach to political opposition. As the Internet surfaces as an important medium and space for political communication, and there are concerns that restrictions on content may emerge in the future.

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Internet In Azerbaijan - Surveillance and Filtering
... In November 2009 the OpenNet Initiative classified Internet filtering in Azerbaijan as selective in the political and social areas and found no evidence of filtering in the conflict/security and ... Azerbaijani law does not include a formal legal foundation requiring Internet surveillance ... In 2000-2001, there was an unsuccessful attempt to adopt the Russian SORM-II model for Internet surveillance, but the project was interrupted because of financial difficulties and ...