International Union of Socialist Youth - Member Organisations of IUSY - America


  • Argentina — Franja Morada
  • Argentina — Juventud Partido Socialista (Socialist Party Youth)
  • Argentina — Juventud Radical (Radical Youth)
  • Barbados — League of Young Socialists of the Barbados Labour Party
  • Bolivia — Juventud del Movimiento Sin Miedo (Youth of the Without Fear Movement)
  • Brazil — Juventude Socialista-PDT (Socialist Youth-PDT)
  • Canada — New Democratic Youth of Canada
  • Chile — Juventud del Partido por la Democracia (Youth of the Party for Democracy)
  • Chile — Juventud Radical Socialdemócrata de Chile (Social Democratic Radical Youth of Chile)
  • Chile — Juventud Socialista de Chile (Socialist Youth of Chile)
  • Colombia — Juventudes Liberales de Colombia (Liberal Youth of Colombia)
  • Costa Rica — Juventud Liberacionista (Liberationist Youth)
  • Dominican Republic — Juventud Revolucionaria Dominicana (Dominican Revolutionary Youth)
  • Ecuador — Juventud de Izquierda Democrática (Democratic Left Youth)
  • Honduras — Juventud Pinuista (Pinuist Youth)
  • Jamaica — People's National Party Youth Organisation
  • Mexico — Juventud Demócrata, PRD (Democratic Youth, PRD)
  • Panama — Frente de la Juventud del PRD (PRD Youth Front)
  • Paraguay — Juventud Revolucionaria Febrerista (Febrerist Revolutionary Youth)
  • Paraguay - Juventud País Solidario (Solidarity Country Youth)
  • Peru — Juventud Aprista Peruana (Peruvian Aprista Youth)
  • Puerto Rico — Juventud del PIP (PIP Youth)
  • United States — Young Democratic Socialists
  • Uruguay — Juventud Nuevo Espacio' (New Space Youth')
  • Uruguay — Juventud Socialista del Uruguay (Socialist Youth of Uruguay)
  • Venezuela — Juventud de Acción Democrática (Youth of Democratic Action)
  • Venezuela — Juventud del Movimiento al Socialismo (Youth of the Movement for Socialism)

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