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World Festivals

The international youth meetings with up to 50,000 participants (1929 in Vienna) are an important tradition of socialist youth organisations. In 1952, IUSY reconvened this tradition with the first IUSY Camp in Vienna.

  • 1952 IUSY Camp Vienna (Austria)
  • 1954 IUSY Camp Liège (Belgium)
  • 1956 IUSY Camp Tampere (Finland)
  • 1959 IUSY Camp Berlin (Germany)
  • 1962 IUSY Camp Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 1965 IUSY Camp Carmel (Israel)
  • 1968 IUSY Camp Vierhouten (Netherlands)
  • 1974 IUSY Camp Attersee (Austria)
  • 1977 Internationales Sozialistisches Jugendtreffen Stuttgart (Germany)
  • 1981 Internationales Sozialistisches Jugendtreffen Vienna (Austria)
  • 1985 IUSY Festival Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • 1987 IUSY Festival Valencia (Spain)
  • 1992 IUSY Festival Porto (Portugal)
  • 1996 IUSY Festival Bonn (Germany)
  • 2000 IUSY Festival Malmö (Sweden)
  • 2003 IUSY Festival Kamena Vourla (Greece)
  • 2006 IUSY Festival Alicante (Spain)
  • 2007 IUSY 100 Celebration Berlin (Germany)
  • 2009 IUSY Festival Zánka (Hungary)
  • 2011 IUSY Festival Attersee (Austria)

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