Intel 8085 - MCS-85 Family

MCS-85 Family

The 8085 CPU was only one part of a much larger family of chips developed by Intel, for building a complete system. Many of these support chips (or their descendants) later found their use in combination with the 8086 microprocessor. For example, the original IBM PC based on the Intel 8088 processor used many of these chips, and the prominence of IBM PC compatibles is why many of these chips are still in use today, although not as the chips themselves, but with their equivalent functionality embedded into larger VLSI chips, namely the "Southbridge" chips of modern PCs.

  • 8085-CPU
  • –––
  • 8155-RAM+ 3 I/O Ports+Timer
  • 8156-RAM+ 3 I/O Ports+Timer
  • 8185-SRAM
  • –––
  • 8355-16,384-bit (2048 x 8) ROM with I/O
  • 8604-4096-bit (512 x 8) PROM
  • 8702-2K-bit (265 x 8 ) PROM
  • 8755-EPROM+2 I/O Ports
  • –––
  • 8202-Dynamic RAM Controller
  • 8203-Dynamic RAM Controller
  • 8205-1 Of 8 Binary Decoder
  • 8206-Error Detection & Correction Unit
  • 8207-DRAM Controller
  • 8210-TTL To MOS Shifter & High Voltage Clock Driver
  • 8212-8 Bit I/O Port
  • 8216-4 Bit Parallel Bidirectional Bus Driver
  • 8218/8219-Bus Controller
  • 8222-Dynamic RAM Refresh Controller
  • 8226-4 Bit Parallel Bidirectional Bus Driver
  • 8231-Arithmetic Processing Unit
  • 8232-Floating Point Processor
  • 8237-DMA Controller
  • 8251-Communication Controller
  • 8253-Programmable Interval Timer
  • 8254-Programmable Interval Timer
  • 8255-Programmable Peripheral Interface
  • 8256-Multifunction Support Controller
  • 8257-DMA Controller
  • 8259-Programmable Interrupt Controller
  • 8271-Programmable Floppy Disk Controller
  • 8272-Single/Double Density Floppy Disk Controller
  • 8273-Programmable HDLC/SDLC Protocol Controller
  • 8274-Multi-Protocol Serial Controller
  • 8275-CRT Controller
  • 8276-Small System CRT Controller
  • 8275-Programmable Key Board Interface
  • 8279-Key Board/Display Controller
  • 8282-8-bit Non-Inverting Latch with Output Buffer
  • 8283-8-bit Inverting Latch with Output Buffer
  • 8291-GPIB Talker/Listener
  • 8292-GPIB Controller
  • 8293-GPIB Transceiver
  • 8294-Data Encryption/Decryption Unit+1 O/P Port
  • 8295-Dot Matrix Printer Controller
  • 8296-GPIB Transceiver
  • 8297-GPIB Transceiver

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