Innocent People

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Jed S. Rakoff - Notable Cases - United States V. Quinones
... that The best available evidence indicates that, on the one hand, innocent people are sentenced to death with materially greater frequency than was previously supposed and that, on the other hand, convincing proof of ... It is therefore fully foreseeable that in enforcing the death penalty a meaningful number of innocent people will be executed who otherwise would eventually be able to prove their innocence ... It follows that implementation of the Federal Death Penalty Act not only deprives innocent people of a significant opportunity to prove their innocence, and ...
2007 Karachi Bombing - Reaction - Other Countries
... deeply shocked to learn of the bomb blasts in Karachi that have killed over a hundred people and injured so many others ... I am appalled by this horrific use of violence against entirely innocent people...On behalf of the British Government please accept my sincerest condolences for those Pakistanis who have lost ... said "I condemn utterly the use of violence against entirely innocent people and the attempt to suppress the right of Pakistanis to express their democratic voice ...
United Kingdom National DNA Database - Privacy Concerns
... Many innocent people, including children from the age of ten are arrested but never charged, some for offences which later be proved to have been committed by another person ... A further concern has been raised over the 24,000 samples held of children and young people aged from 10 to 18 who have never been convicted, cautioned or charged with any offence ... how long DNA profiles can be retained on the Database, except for people convicted of serious violent or sexual offences ...

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    Innocent people can get into terrible jams, too. One false move and you’re in over your head.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)