Initial Condition

Some articles on initial condition, conditions:

Carathéodory's Existence Theorem - Introduction
... Consider the differential equation with initial condition where the function ƒ is defined on a rectangular domain of the form Peano's existence theorem states that if ƒ is ... y is called a solution in the extended sense of the differential equation with initial condition if y is absolutely continuous, y satisfies the differential equation almost everywhere and y ...
Climate Ensemble - Initial Condition Ensemble
... Initial condition ensembles involve the same model in terms of the same atmospheric physics parameters and forcings, but run from variety of different starting states ... by setting off several runs started with slightly different starting conditions, and then look at the evolution of the group as a whole ... Having an initial condition ensemble can help to identify natural variability in the system and deal with it ...

Famous quotes containing the words condition and/or initial:

    What I claim is to live to the full the contradiction of my time, which may well make sarcasm the condition of truth.
    Roland Barthes (1915–1980)

    Capital is a result of labor, and is used by labor to assist it in further production. Labor is the active and initial force, and labor is therefore the employer of capital.
    Henry George (1839–1897)