Ingram Frizer

Ingram Frizer, /ˈfriːzər/: "freezer" (died August 1627) was an English gentleman and businessman of the late 16th and early 17th centuries who is notable for his reported killing of playwright Christopher Marlowe in the home of Eleanor Bull on 30 May 1593. He has been described as "a property speculator, a commodity broker, a fixer for gentlemen of good worship" and a confidence trickster gulling "young fools" out of their money.

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... It has likewise been suggested Frizer could have had other motives ... a threat to Walsingham's reputation and influence, and thus threatened Frizer's interests also The Privy Council certainly suspected Marlowe of atheism ... it was Thomas Walsingham himself—accustomed "not to look far into Frizer's…trickery"—who initiated the deed by making his agent aware that Marlowe was ...