Infernal Affairs III - Cast


  • Andy Lau as Senior Inspector Lau Kin-ming (劉健明), a former triad mole in the police force who tries to cover his past and remain as a cop
    • Edison Chen as young Lau Kin-ming
  • Tony Leung as Chan Wing-yan (陳永仁), an undercover cop. He was killed in the first film.
    • Shawn Yue as young Chan Wing-yan
  • Leon Lai as Superintendent Yeung Kam-wing (楊錦榮), Lau's rival in the police force
    • Eddie Li as young Yeung Kam-wing
  • Chen Daoming as Shen Cheng "Shadow" (沈澄), a Mainland Chinese triad boss who is actually an undercover cop
  • Kelly Chen as Dr. Lee Sum-yee (李心兒), Chan's therapist and love interest
  • Anthony Wong as Superintendent Wong Chi-shing (黃志誠), Chan's superior. He was killed by Hon Sam's henchmen in the first film.
  • Eric Tsang as Hon Sam (韓琛), the triad boss. He was killed by Lau in the first film.
  • Chapman To as Tsui Wai-keung / "Crazy Keung" (徐偉強 / 傻強), Hon's henchman. He was killed in the first film.
  • Berg Ng as Inspector Cheung (張SIR)
  • Wan Chi-keung as Officer Leung (梁SIR)
  • Gordon Lam as Inspector Lam Kwok-ping / "Inspector B (Billy)" (林國平 / 大B), the triad mole who killed Chan in the first film. He was shot by Lau after revealing his true identity.
  • Sammi Cheng as Mary, Lau's wife. A younger Mary was seen in the last part of the second film in the police station scene.
  • Carina Lau as Mary, Hon Sam's wife whom Lau had a crush on. She was mowed down by a car in the second film.
  • Huang Zhizhong as Shen Liang (沈亮)
  • Waise Lee as Sergeant Chan Chun (陳俊)
  • Wan Yeung-ming as Nightclub manager
  • Courtney Wu as Hi-fi shop owner
  • Koo Hau-zheng as Security wing officer
  • Pang Wai-ming as Security wing officer
  • Yip Wai-chuen as Security wing officer
  • Ng Wai-bing as Security wing officer
  • Sit Kim-wai as Security wing officer
  • Lau Hing-kuen as Security wing officer
  • Mok Nga-kwan as Security wing officer
  • Tong Wai-kit as Security wing officer
  • Kwok Ka-shing as Security wing officer
  • Lee Chi-gwan as Security wing officer
  • Lau Ga-kei as IA officer
  • Lam Chi-tai as IA officer
  • Hoh Ji-jun as IA officer
  • Chu Wang-kit as IA officer
  • Chan Man-ban as IA officer
  • Chiu Man-tung as IA officer
  • Yip Wan-keung as IA officer
  • Wong Hiu-fai as IA officer
  • Lui Wai-man as IA officer
  • Chim Sau-gwan as IA officer
  • Chow Wai-ho as Shen Liang's thug
  • Chan San-hei as Shen Liang's thug
  • Yim Chi-kong as Shen Liang's thug
  • Chim Kam-ho as Shen Liang's thug
  • Ng Sai-keung as Shen Liang's thug
  • Chan Ka-lun as Shen Liang's thug
  • Lai Wai-ming as Hon Sam's thug
  • Lee Ji-ming as Hon Sam's thug
  • Yu Sai-tang as Hon Sam's thug
  • Leung Ho-gai as Hon Sam's thug
  • Lai Chi-wai as Hon Sam's thug
  • Hoh Shu-wing as Taiwanese arms dealer
  • Lau Yuk-gei as Taiwanese arms dealer
  • Tam Gam-fai as Bank manager
  • Wu Chi-sang as OCTB officer
  • Au Hin-wai as OCTB officer
  • Lee Tin-cheung as OCTB officer
  • Wong Yin-keung as OCTB officer
  • Yiu Man-gei as OCTB officer
  • Wong Chi-wang as CIB officer
  • Benjamin Yuen as CIB officer
  • Ng Yun-man as CIB officer
  • Lau Sam-yi as CIB officer
  • Chan Shek-kong as Uncle Chan
  • Chow Chi-keung as Superintendent
  • Chan Kwok-wing as Superintendent
  • Hui On-dat as Superintendent
  • Fung Hong-ling as Massage parlor licensee
  • Chan Lai-kit as Nightclub thug
  • Chan Wai-keung as Nightclub thug
  • Choi Jing-man as Nightclub dancer
  • Siu Yin-ming as Nightclub dancer
  • Yip Mei-yee as Old lady in bank
  • Siu Wai-leung as Hon Sam's attorney
  • Ho Ka-kui as Shen Liang's attorney
  • Fong Ho-yin as Ronald

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