Inferior Orbital Fissure

Inferior Orbital Fissure

Not to be confused with the infraorbital groove, infraorbital canal, and infraorbital foramen.

Inferior orbital fissure
The skull from the front. (Label for inferior orbital fissure is at center right.)
1 Foramen ethmoidale, 2 Canalis opticus, 3 Fissura orbitalis superior, 4 Fossa sacci lacrimalis, 5 Sulcus infraorbitalis, 6 Fissura orbitalis inferior, 7 Foramen infraorbitale
Latin Fissura orbitalis inferior
Gray's subject #46 189

The lateral wall and the floor of the orbit are separated posteriorly by the inferior orbital fissure which transmits the maxillary nerve and its zygomatic branch, and the ascending branches from the pterygopalatine ganglion. The infraorbital vessels are found in the inferior orbital fissure, and travel down the infraorbital groove into the infraorbital canal and exit through the infraorbital foramen.

It is formed by the sphenoid bone and maxilla.

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