Induction - Technical Uses

Technical Uses

In biology and chemistry:

  • Inductive effect, the redistribution of electron density through molecular sigma bonds
  • Induction period, the time interval between the initial cause and the appearance of the first measurable effect
  • Regulation of gene expression, a process in which a molecule (e.g. a drug) induces (i.e. initiates or enhances) or inhibits the expression of an enzyme
  • Induction (birth), induction of childbirth
  • Asymmetric induction, the formation of one specific stereoisomer in the presence of a nearby chiral center
  • Inductive reasoning aptitude, an aptitude or personality characteristic
  • Morphogenesis
  • Cellular differentiation
  • Enzyme induction and inhibition

In mathematics:

  • Mathematical induction, a method of proof in the field of mathematics
    • Strong induction, or Complete induction, a variant of mathematical induction
    • Transfinite induction, a kind of mathematical induction
    • Epsilon-induction, a kind of transfinite induction
  • Structural induction, a generalization of mathematical induction
  • Statistical induction, also known as statistical inference
  • induced representation, in representation theory: an operation for obtaining a representation of an object from one of its subobjects
    • Parabolic induction: a method of constructing group representations of a reductive group from representations of its parabolic subgroups

In philosophy, logic, and computer science:

  • Inductive reasoning, a form of reasoning often confused with scientific reasoning
    • Backward induction in game theory and economics
    • Concept learning is the induction of a concept (category) from observations

In physics:

  • Electromagnetic induction in physics and engineering
    • Induction heating, the process of heating an electrically conducting object
    • Induction cooker, which uses induction heating for cooking.
  • Electrostatic induction in physics
  • Forced induction, with combustion engines, is the use of a gas compressor added to the air intake

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