Independent Television Network - Programmes


ITN Ltd's television channels and radio stations, broadcast a variety of different of programmes in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages. Listed below are some of the programmes broadcast by the television channels and radio stations operated by ITN Ltd.

ITN channel - (Primarily broadcasts content in the Sinhala language)

  • News - (In Sinhala, Tamil and English)
  • Teledramas - (Amaa, Ridee Siththam, Muthu Warusa, Tharu Piri Ahasak, Parana Towuma, Snehaye Dasi, Nethu Piyena Thura, Kopi Kade, Aluth Gedera, Sihina Tharaka & Bonda Meedum-Rep )
  • Films - Classic Sinhala Films
  • Documentaries - Atapattama
  • Educational programmes
  • Children's entertainment
  • Programmes dubbed in Sinhala
  • Game shows
  • Reality TV
  • Religious programmes
  • Political debates

Vasantham TV - (Primarily broadcasts content in the Tamil language)

  • News
  • Teledramas
  • Films - Tamil / Hindi Films
  • Documentaries
  • Educational programmes
  • Children's entertainment

Prime TV - (Primarily broadcasts content in the English language)

  • News
  • Music Programmes - (Music Runway, House of Rock, Music With Bevil)
  • Debates and Discussions - (The Round Table, Ayubowan Sri Lanka, Prime Sunrise)
  • Educational/Variety Programmes - (Prime Sunset)
  • Drama - (Beverly Hills 90210, Relic Hunter, Queen of Swords)
  • Other - (Sports/Foreign News/Cartoons)

Lakhanda - (Primarily broadcasts content in the Sinhala language)

  • News
  • Music - Sinhala
  • Religious programmes
  • Educational programmes
  • Political programmes

Vasantham FM - (Primarily broadcasts content in the Tamil language)

  • News
  • Music - Tamil
  • Religious programmes
  • Educational programmes
  • Political programmes

Prime Radio - (Primarily broadcasts content in the English language)

  • News
  • Music

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