Independent Student Movement - CIS Role in Iran's Oil Sanctions

CIS Role in Iran's Oil Sanctions

CIS have been working successfully with the U.S. Congress and Senate to design and support the adoption of strong oil and gas, and financial sanctions against the Iranian regime to cut the revenue flows essential for the regime to survive. International sanctions are now bankrupting the regime and the Iranian people are holding the regime responsible for their food and fuel shortages and increasing poverty. CIS has been especially effective in mobilizing European Union support for strong sanctions and raising the awareness of European publics of the plight of the Iranian people who seek a free, democratic and secular government to replace the illegitimate and corrupt regime now in power. U.S. CRS in its report which is published on State Departments website notified CIS role in Iranian OIl Sanction; "CIS supports imposition of severe sanctions against Iran, including total oil sale embargo to deprive the regime of the funds it needs to pay its security forces."

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