• (noun): Acquiring or coming into something (usually undesirable).
    Example: "Incurring debts is easier than paying them"

Some articles on incurring:

Debtors Anonymous - Membership
... debting is also an umbrella term encompassing many different types of behavior from "incurring unsecured debt to compulsive shopping, from grandiose thinking to ... compulsive spenders may not actually be in debt, if they have a desire to avoid incurring unsecured debt, they are welcome in DA ... earning enough money to support themselves without incurring unsecured debt ...
Debtors Anonymous - Development
1971 the group members came to believe that incurring unsecured debt was the threshold of their disease and committed to a rigorous twelve-step approach to prevent incurring ... replaces "alcoholism", "compulsive debtors" replaces "alcoholics", "incurring unsecured debt" replaces "drinking", and "debtor" replaces "alcoholic." In ...
Debtors Anonymous - Concepts
... An overestimation may result in incurring unsecured debt ... Abstinence" in DA is abstaining from incurring any new unsecured debt, a strict definition that includes not paying bills when due, borrowing money ... If a member has abstained from incurring unsecured debt for a day, he or she is "solvent" for that day ...

Famous quotes containing the word incurring:

    Benevolent desires, after passing a certain point, can not undertake their own fulfillment without incurring the risk of evils beyond those sought to be remedied.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)