Incidence Poset

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Locally Finite Poset
... In mathematics, a locally finite poset is a partially ordered set P such that for all x, y ∈ P, the interval consists of finitely many elements ... Given a locally finite poset P we can define its incidence algebra ... Elements of the incidence algebra are functions ƒ that assign to each interval of P a real number ƒ(x, y) ...
Schnyder's Theorem - Other Graphs
... As Schnyder observes, the incidence poset of a graph G has order dimension two if and only if the graph is a path or a subgraph of a path ... For, the only possible realizer for the incidence poset consists of two total orders that (when restricted to the graph's vertices) are the reverse of each ... a graph can be colored with four colors, then its incidence poset has order dimension at most four (Schnyder 1989) ...

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