INA as an acronym may refer to:

  • Indonesia by IOC country code
  • Indian National Army was an Indian nationalist force during World War II aimed at overthrowing British rule over India
  • Indian Naval Academy
  • INA, a division of the Schaeffler Group
  • Immigration and Nationality Act (disambiguation), US law concerning immigration
  • Institut national de l'audiovisuel, a repository of all French radio and television audiovisual archives
  • National Institute of Arts, Kinshasa (Institut National des Arts), a higher educational institute for performance arts
  • Iraqi National Alliance, an Iraqi alliance of Shi'a political parties
  • Iraqi National Accord, an Iraqi political party
  • Insurance Company of North America, a Philadelphia-based insurance company now part of ACE Limited
  • Institute of Nautical Archaeology
  • INA - Industrija nafte, Croatia's national oil company
  • ina is the ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 code for the Interlingua constructed language

Ina may refer to:

  • Ina (goddess), a lunar deity in Polynesian mythology
  • Ine of Wessex, king of Wessex from 688 to 726
  • Princess Ina (Inahime) of Japan
  • Ina people, a tribe located in the Centre Province, Cameroon
  • Ina (crater), a depression on the Moon
  • Ina (film), a 1982 Indian teen romance film

In places:

  • Ina, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Ina, Nagano, Japan
  • Ina, Saitama, Japan
  • Ina (river), Poland
  • Iňa, Slovakia
  • Ina, Illinois, United States
  • INA Colony, New Delhi, India

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Battles And Operations Of The Indian National Army - Second INA - Mount Popa
... With the fall of Meiktila on 3 March, its recapture had become a priority for Hyotaro Kimura, now commanding the Burma Area Army, who attempted to encircle the 17th Indian Division which was isolated from the rest of Slim's VI corps ... While the majority of Kimura's available forces attempted to retake Miktila, Yamamoto's 72nd Independent Mixed Brigade was tasked to recapture Nyangu as well as its western bank, while the Kanjo Butai and the INA's 2nd Infantry were tasked to secure grounds east of the town ...
Controversies Surrounding The Indian National Army
... A strongly opposed view has emerged after the war, especially within India, based on the motivations of the troops who formed the INA, where a predominant view was held, and still holds, of the INA as patriots and revolutionaries ... Outside India it is not widely known, and the accounts and views on the INA, especially among the Allied servicemen who served in Burma, are diametrically opposite ...