In Vitro Fertilisation - Success Rates

Success Rates

IVF success rates are the percentage of all IVF procedures which result in a favorable outcome. Depending on the type of calculation used, this outcome may represent the number of confirmed pregnancies, called the pregnancy rate or number of live births, called the live birth rate.

Due to advancement in reproductive technology, the IVF success rates are substantially better today than they were just a few years ago. The most current data available in the United States a 2009 summary complied by the Society for Reproductive Medicine which reports the average national IVF success rates per age group using non-donor eggs (see table below).

<35 35-37 38-40 41-42
Pregnancy Rate 47.6 38.9 30.1 20.5
Live Birth Rate 41.4 31.7 22.3 12.6

The live birth rates using donor eggs are also given by the SART and include all age groups using either fresh or thawed eggs.

Fresh Donor Egg Embryos Thawed Donor Egg Embryos
Live Birth Rate 55.1 33.8

In 2006, Canadian clinics reported an average pregnancy rate of 35%. A French study estimated that 66% of patients starting IVF treatment finally succeed in having a child (40% during the IVF treatment at the center and 26% after IVF discontinuation). Achievement of having a child after IVF discontinuation was mainly due to adoption (46%) or spontaneous pregnancy (42%).

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