Imperial Regalia

The Imperial Regalia, insignia, or crown jewels (in German Reichskleinodien, Reichsinsignien, or Reichsschatz) are the regalia of the Emperors and Kings of the Holy Roman Empire. The most important parts are the Imperial Crown, the Holy Lance and the Imperial Sword. Today they are kept at the Schatzkammer Treasury in the Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria.

The Imperial Regalia are the only completely preserved regalia from the Middle Ages. During the late Middle Ages, the word Imperial Regalia (Reichskleinodien) had many variations in the Latin language. The regalia were either named in Latin: insignia imperialia, regalia insignia, insignia imperalis capellae quae regalia dicuntur and other similar words.

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Imperial Regalia - History - Middle Ages
... The inventory of the regalia during the late Middle Ages normally consisted only of five to six items ... Goffredo da Viterbo counted following items the Imperial Cross, the Holy Lance, the crown, the sceptre, the orb, and the sword ... the medieval chronicles really do refer to the same regalia which are kept in Vienna today depends on a variety of factors ...
Later Use - Yasakani No Magatama
... (八尺瓊曲玉?), also (八坂瓊曲玉), one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan ... There were originally two imperial regalia, a sword and a mirror, but the magatama was added as the third in the Heian period ... (賢所?), the central shrine at the Tokyo Imperial Palace, and is used in the enthronement ceremony of the Emperor of Japan ...
Imperial Crown Of The Holy Roman Empire
... The Imperial Crown (German Reichskrone), is the hoop crown (German Bügelkrone) of the King of the Romans, the rulers of the German Kingdom, since the High Middle Ages ... Along with the Imperial Cross (Reichskreuz), the Imperial Sword (Reichsschwert), and the Holy Lance (Heilige Lanze), the crown was the most important part of the Imperial Regalia ... to the new king along with the sceptre (Reichszepter) and the Imperial Orb (Reichsapfel) ...
Relics Claimed To Be The Holy Lance - Vienna Lance (Hofburg Spear)
... was called the Reichskleinodien or Imperial Regalia ... As part of the imperial regalia it was kept in the Imperial Treasury Schatzkammer (Vienna) and was known as the lance of Saint Maurice ... how it would have eventually become the oldest item in the German imperial regalia ...

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