Imperial Guard (comics) - Resemblances To DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes

Resemblances To DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes

The Imperial Guard has many intentional resemblances to DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes. The original members seen in Uncanny X-Men #107 were designed by artist Dave Cockrum, previously best known for his work on the LSH, and all had direct counterparts among the Legionnaires, with similar super-powers and costumes:

  • Oracle = Saturn Girl
  • Electron = Cosmic Boy
  • Mentor = Brainiac 5
  • Nightside = Shadow Lass
  • Smasher = Ultra Boy
  • Titan = Colossal Boy
  • Astra = Phantom Girl
  • Scintilla = Shrinking Violet
  • Starbolt = Sun Boy
  • Hobgoblin = Chameleon Boy
  • Fang = Timber Wolf
  • Magic (later renamed Magique) = Princess Projectra
  • Pulsar = Wildfire
  • Tempest (later renamed Flashfire) = Lightning Lad

The Imperial Guard is headed by Gladiator, the analog to Superboy (Gladiator's real name is Kallark; a combination of Superboy's names Kal-El and Clark Kent).

In X-Men #137, the Imperial Guard begins to move away from being strictly a Legion pastiche, introducing characters with no Legionnaire counterparts. More Guardsmen corresponding to the LSH were not introduced until the Avengers crossover "Operation: Galactic Storm" in the 1990s.

The real name of Kree Guardsman Commando is M-Nell; a nod to LSH member Mon-El.

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