Impeachment Complaint

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Philippine Electoral Crisis, 2005 - Attempts For An Impeachment Trial
... human rights lawyer Oliver Lozano filed an impeachment case against Arroyo on the grounds of "betrayal of public trust" ... a private citizen, filed a similar impeachment complaint ... The mainstream pro-impeachment bloc in Congress advocated an amended version of the Lozano complaint ...
Commission On Elections (Philippines) - History - Impeachment Complaint
... Governor Rolex Suplico filed a 69-page impeachment complaint (300 p.m.) against Commission on Elections chairman Benjamin Abalos, Sr ... Affidavits of Romulo Neri and Jose de Venecia III supported the complaint ... faced with an impending impeachment case resigned in a press conference ...

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    Of all things in life, Mrs. Lee held this kind of court-service in contempt, for she was something more than republican—a little communistic at heart, and her only serious complaint of the President and his wife was that they undertook to have a court and to ape monarchy. She had no notion of admitting social superiority in any one, President or Prince, and to be suddenly converted into a lady-in-waiting to a small German Grand-Duchess, was a terrible blow.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)