Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 - Terminology and Applications

Terminology and Applications

The EEA Regulations define a number of terms in addition to the terms in the Directive 2004/38.

EEA Regulations Directive 2004/38 Meaning
European Economic Area Family Permit visa entry clearance for non-EEA citizens
extended family members beneficiaries other family members or dependants, partners in a durable relationship
Application Applicant Result valid for
VAF5 non-EEA EEA family permit 6 months
EEA1 EEA registration certificate 5 years or envisaged period of residence if less
EEA2 non-EEA residence card 5 years or envisaged period of residence if less
EEA3 EEA permanent residence card No limit
EEA4 non-EEA permanent residence card 10 years

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