Illustrator James Simpkins

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Eric Nicol - Bibliography
1947 Sense and Nonsense (Ryerson) 1950 The Roving I (Ryerson) 1953 Twice Over Lightly, illustrator James Simpkins (Ryerson) 1955 Shall We Join the Ladies?, illustrator. 1964 Space Age Go Home! (Ryerson) 1965 (An Uninhibited) History of Canada, illustrator Peter Whalley (Musson) 1968 reissue (Musson) 1966 with Peter Whalley, 100 Years of What? (Ryerson) 1968 A Scar is Born (Ryer ... and Those Who Love (Put Up With) Them, illustrator Graham Pilsworth (McClelland and Stewart) ISBN 0-7710-6809-3 1996 Skiing is Believing (Johnson Gorman) ISBN 0-921835-23-X 1998 Anything for a ...

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