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In the northern part of Sweden are many ice roads. Vägverket maintains them, but some private ice roads also exist. Ice roads are usually put in when ice thickness exceeds 20 cm (7.9 in). The limitations for ice road traffic normally include:

  • A speed limit of 30 km/h (19 mph).
  • Prohibition against stopping or parking on the ice.
  • Minimum distance of 50 m (160 ft) between vehicles.
  • Restrictions for axle, bogie and gross weight.

The longest ice road 15 km (9.3 mi) in Sweden is in the Luleå Archipelago, Bothnian Bay (in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Bothnia). It starts in the port of Hindersöstallarna and connects the islands Hindersön, Stor-Brändön, and Långön with the mainland. The ice roads in Luleå are usually open from January to April and have a weight restriction of 2–4 t (2.0–3.9 long tons; 2.2–4.4 short tons).

There are several ice roads across the lake Storsjön. The roads are usually open from January to April and have a weight restriction of 2–4 t (2.0–3.9 long tons; 2.2–4.4 short tons).

The southernmost ice road in Sweden is on lake Hjälmaren, to Vinön island. Due to poor ice it is not open every season.

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