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Business Class

Released on October 21, 2008, the z10 Business Class has only a single model: E10. Machine type is 2098. It has the same processor chip design and instruction set as the z10 EC but with higher manufacturing yields (3.5 GHz clock speed, one core per chip disabled) and lower cost processor packaging due to reduced cooling and reduced multi-chip shared cache needs. The z10 BC also introduced new, more efficient I/O packaging options. It is possible to configure a z10 BC without spare cores if desired, although such maximally configured z10s still fail gracefully in the unlikely event there's a core failure: the system will move any work from the failed core to surviving cores automatically, without operating system or software involvement, keeping all applications running, albeit at slightly reduced capacity if there are no spares remaining.

The following configuration is available:

Model CPs IFLs zAAPs / zIIPs ICFs Standard Memory (GB)
E10 1-5 1-10 0-5 / 0-5 1-10 4 - 120 (-248 in June, 2009)


  • For each CP ordered, one zAAP and one zIIP may also be ordered.
  • Memory figures refer to user-accessible memory. The z10 BC reserves 8GB for HSA (Hardware System Area).
  • Sub-capacity (fractional) CP configurations are also available.

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