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Other Object Types

Cobol, Fortran, and RPG generated object code (type O). Basic was interpreted only; a compilation utility called BASICS created subroutine code (type R). BASIC programs could be saved as sources for compatibility with other computers, but the project's text was preserved in the subroutine (unless the programmer used the LOCK command to keep it private.)

Procedures, which use OCL to start programs and assign resources to them, are type P.

Source members for all objects are type S, with the exception of Basic as specified above.

DFU programs generated subroutine (R) code, as did WSU programs.

Screen formats generated object code.

Menus generated object code. A menu is simply a very specific screen format with a companion message member suffixed with two pound signs ("##") to contain the action to be taken when the associated number was chosen. System/36 menus allowed the operator to choose numbers between 1 and 24. On the System/36, a programmer could customize a menu using screen format language, but calling a customized menu that did not conform to exacting system requirements could cause a program error.

Message members generated object code that could be called by a program using the MEMBER OCL statement:


Passing a four-digit code to an assembler routine returned the associated text. It was also a way for the programmer to push up to 10,000 74-byte constants out of program space.

Programming ability was not essential. A short sequence of file and input specifications could be created and stored as a source member. A component called Data File Utility (DFU) could then be used to generate on-screen displays that could be used to create and edit files and print reports.

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