IBM I Notes Webmail Redirect

IBM iNotes Web Access Redirect (formerly Domino Web Mail Redirect) is a part of the Lotus Domino Server suite allowing instant redirection of incoming users to their mail files wherever they may be.

Features of IBM iNotes Web Access Redirect

  • Simple Entry Portal for iNotes Web Access
  • Support different architectures
  • Customizable Options
  • Profile Support
  • Maintain R6 Look and Feel
  • No need to remember long and complex URLs
  • Leverages any supported Domino Authentication method
  • Supports customisable logos

The Basic version of IBM iNotes Web Access Redirect is v6.50 (filename iwaredir.ntf) The Advanced version of IBM Domino Web Mail Redirect (up to v6.41) can be found here Domino Web Mail Redirect MultiVersion

The Advanced version supports Domino 4.x and above.

Domino Web Mail Redirect v6.41 has additional information in the template on how it functions. This can be access via a Notes Client in the setup page (v6.41 only) or via a browser (i.e. http://dominoserver/iwaredir.nsf/WMRWorks)

All versions v6.30 and above have an 'Easter Egg' by going to http://dominoserver/iwaredir.nsf/About . This is a 'public' Notes document within the database and works on any non-modified version available on the internet (try searching Google for iwaredir or webmailredirect)

All versions were published by Gareth Cook @ IBM

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