IAE Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 - International Dimension - The Exchange Programmes

The Exchange Programmes

In 1981 the first professors’ exchange is organised with the Carlson School of Management, Minnesota, in the United States. The IAE of Lyon initiates its first student exchange programme within Europe in 1983 with the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. The first student exchange outside Europe was organised in 1986 with the University of Georgia, Athens and the Georgetown University, Washington DC in the United States.

All the students of the IAE of Lyon have the opportunity to study overseas, mainly during their third or/and fifth years. The exchange network of the IAE of Lyon is now of 350 partner-universities throughout the world. In 2006, 240 overseas students came to Lyon through these exchange programmes and 200 French student went overseas.

More than a quarter of the IAE of Lyon students spend one year overseas during their studies.

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