Hypogastric can refer to:

  • The hypogastrium, a region of the abdomen
  • The "hypogastric artery", an old name for the internal iliac artery
  • The "hypogastric vein", an old name for the internal iliac vein
  • The "hypogastric lymph nodes", also called the internal iliac lymph nodes
  • The hypogastric nerve plexuses:
    • superior hypogastric plexus
    • inferior hypogastric plexus

Other articles related to "hypogastric":

Superior Hypogastric Plexus
... The superior hypogastric plexus (in older texts, hypogastric plexus or presacral nerve) is a plexus of nerves situated on the vertebral bodies below the ...
Hypogastric Nerve - Structure
... The hypogastric nerve begins where the superior hypogastric plexus splits into a right and left plexus ... Each of these divisions is considered a hypogastric nerve ... The hypogastric nerve continues inferiorly on its respective side of the body, where it descends into the pelvis to form the inferior hypogastric plexus ...
Hypogastric Nerve
... The hypogastric nerve is a term for the transition between the superior hypogastric plexus and the inferior hypogastric plexus ... The hypogastric nerve enters the sympathetic chain at T10-L2 ...
Superior Hypogastric Plexus - Structure
... The superior hypogastric plexus is situated around the abdominal aorta between the origin of the inferior mesenteric artery and the splitting of the abdominal aorta into ... which continue to form the inferior hypogastric plexus located within the pelvic basin ... The inferior hypogastric plexus receives additional contributions from the sacral splanchnic branches of the ganglionated trunk and the pelvic splanchnic nerves from the anterior ...