Hyper Rune - Characters


Rune Ayanokouji
The heroine of the story. She hates the way her grandfather acts, and wakes up almost every morning dressed in strange cosplay outfits. She is a bearer of the Sun Crest, and is told that she is the reincarnation of the Space Queen. She has a part-time job of fighting aliens with a Veena-Alpha battlesuit. One day, she comes across a cute pink creature, and decides to name him Chat-kun, and brings him home with her.
Masaya and Masato Ibayashi
These are the two twin brothers in the story. Masaya is the older twin, and the one who pilots the powerful Beta-Max powersuit while fighting off aliens. After a malfunction with Beta-Max, he and his younger twin, Masato decide to take turns piloting the powersuit. They are also Rune's childhood friends and classmates. These two also bear the Crest of the Sun on their wrists. In volume three, it is revealed that Masato is a clone of Masaya, and in volume four, it reveals that the Space Queen hid her DNA inside of Masato's body.
Aina Hazumi
Rune's female friend and classmate. She is an expert at using Tarot cards and tries to convince Rune about the problems of the real world, even though it seems Rune isn't interested in them. She is revealed to bear the Crest of the Sun on her ankle in volume two.
This is the pink, blobby little creature in the story. He has the Sun Crest on his belly. Although he nearly always makes the sound "cha!" he also makes other unusual sounds such as "puni" and "mii".
Professor Ayanokouji
Rune's grandfather, a smart, but bizarre scientist. He's the one who analyzes and calculates things, as well as dresses Rune up in strange Space Queen cosplay outfits each morning.
Professor Ibayashi
The scientist father of Masaya and Masato. He's been quite competitive against Professor Ayanokouji, even though they've been lab partners and friends many years ago.
This is the alien that arrived from Planet X to Earth to find and protect the Space Queen. He is a strong, alien warrior and he fights with a neutrino saber. He and his two companions all transformed into humans as part of their mission on Earth. However, due to a malfunction in the transformation device they used, Quark turned into a female human instead of male. As he goes on with his mission, he seems to care much about it, and takes on the pseudonym, Akira Shingyoji. After saving Rune from an explosion, Rune befriends Akira, totally unaware of his true identity. Akira attends Rune's junior high school as a student in disguise, to ensure the safety of Rune.
He is one of Quark's dependable companions. After activating the transformation device, he turned into a male human. He helps keep watch over the evil aliens to make sure their plans to dominate Earth don't progress. He takes the pseudonym Seiji.
He is yet another one of Quark's companions, and also keeps check over the aliens. He too, turned into a male human. He takes the pseudonym Keiichi.
Noema and Noeshisu
These two are the cat-like cybernoids that have stolen the secret "numbers" to activate a grand summoning system. They seem to be making a lot of progress, but nobody in the alien Empire seems to think much of them.
He is one of the Empire's top cybernoid aliens, and is very tough. However, after leaving Akira for dead in volume three, Rune defeats him. He returns in volume four.
She is the Empire's toughest female cybernoid alien. She was supposed to collect an Elemental piece from Rune and her friends in volume two, thus failing, and being destroyed by Chat-kun.
Grand Wizard Fractal
He is the old man who is part of the Empire and keeps watch over the evil aliens' steady progress to ensure that nothing interferes with it.
She is the programmed girl who the Empire needs to awaken many alien comrades, all of whom are hiding among human DNA. In volume three, Ishtar is the user of VR City, which simulates the Ishtar System, which is revealed to be on Planet X in volume four. Ishtar is also a computer virus.
Emperor Gald
He is the leader of the Empire and the boss that has been hiding in a physical human body since the aliens failed their last invasion a decade ago. He is awakened and summoned in volume two, and begins to wreak havoc in VR City in volume three. In volume four, it is revealed that he is a neural network and the Space Queen's true love.
The Space Queen
The ruler of all the cosmos, with her great will and power. With the Crest of the Sun on both wrists, she chose six "warriors" to fight the evil aliens. Her secrets are revealed in volume four.
Aurora is another alien from Planet X. She is a scientist and has been called to travel to Earth and fix the damaged transformation device that Gluon, Plasma, and Quark used. It is revealed in volume four that she and Quark are genetic siblings.

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