Hydrophilic Surfaces

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Density Of Water - Physics and Chemistry - Polarity and Hydrogen Bonding - Cohesion and Adhesion
... and organelles, water is in contact with membrane and protein surfaces that are hydrophilic that is, surfaces that have a strong attraction to water ... Irving Langmuir observed a strong repulsive force between hydrophilic surfaces ... To dehydrate hydrophilic surfaces—to remove the strongly held layers of water of hydration—requires doing substantial work against these forces, called hydration forces ...

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    But ice-crunching and loud gum-chewing, together with drumming on tables, and whistling the same tune seventy times in succession, because they indicate an indifference on the part of the perpetrator to the rest of the world in general, are not only registered on the delicate surfaces of the brain but eat little holes in it until it finally collapses or blows up.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)