Hybridisation or hybridization may refer to:

  • The process of combining different varieties of organisms to create a hybrid (biology)
  • Nucleic acid hybridisation, the process of joining two complementary strands of DNA
  • Orbital hybridisation, the mixing of atomic orbitals to form new orbitals suitable for bonding
  • The process of one variety (linguistics) blending with another variety
  • The alteration of a vehicle into a hybrid electric vehicle
  • In evolutionary algorithms, the merging two or more optimization techniques into a single algorithm
    • Memetic algorithm, a common template for hybridisation
  • In Globalization theory, the ongoing blending of cultures
  • Hybridization in Business Information Systems, the creation of a third medium
  • Hybridization in political election campaign communication, the combining of campaign techniques developed in different countries
  • The controversial hypothesis of Neanderthal and human hybridization

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European Mink - Decline - Possible Reasons For Decline - Hybridisation and Competition With The European Polecat
... European mink possibly was gradually absorbed by the polecat due to hybridisation ... Such hybridisation is very rare in the wild, and typically only occurs where European minks are declining ...
Feral Cat - Effects On Wildlife - Hybridisation With Wild Felids
... The significance of hybridisation is disputed and hinges on whether the domestic cat is classified as conspecific with the wildcat or a separate species ... pollution) In some locations, high levels of hybridisation has led to difficulties in distinguishing a "true" wildcat from feral domestic and domestic hybrid cats ...
Bird Conservation - Threats To Birds - Hybridisation
... Hybridisation may also endanger birds, damaging the gene stock ... For example, the American Black Duck has been often reported hybridising with the Mallard, starting a slow decline ...
Spelt - Evolution
... This hybridisation must have taken place in the Near East because this is where Ae ... that spelt wheat can also arise as the result of hybridisation of bread wheat and emmer wheat, although only at some date following the initial Aegilops-tetraploid wheat hybridisation ... The much later appearance of spelt in Europe might thus be the result of a later, second, hybridisation between emmer and bread wheat ...