Hurricane Danny (1985) - Impact


Overall, Danny killed five people people and left $50 to $100 million (1985 USD) in damage along with 73 injuries. Danny also produced an unusually intense outbreak of tornadoes, with 39 touchdowns occurring over seven states. Moderate to heavy rainfall fell to the east of the track while Danny remained tropical. As it was transitioning into a frontal wave across the East, heavy rainfall became focused to the left of its track, overrunning the frontal surface ahead of the storm. In Louisiana, the storm dropped heavy rainfall with a total of 3 in (76 mm) reported in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Further east in the Carolinas, 7 in (180 mm) of rain fell. In New York City, 17,000 government workers got a day off to save electricity. Six fires occurred in lower Manhattan. Numerous power failures were reported in New England, especially in Massachusetts, forcing the state to buy power from New York and New Brunswick.

The primary affect from Danny in Louisiana was from coastal and inalnd flooding. According to the American Red Cross that 33 single family homes and 26 mobile homes were destroyed, with 454 one family houses and 175 mobile homes received extensive damage. Minor damage was record in 3 condos, 90 mobile homes, and 454 single family homes. About 5700 people were housed in shelters. A total of 792 families were affected, 66 were injured by the storm. However, there were no deaths throughout the state. Initial property damage estimates revealed $17 to $23 million dollars (1985 USD) in damage, with roughly half of this coming from agricultural damage. The American Insurance Association estimated $25,1 million in insurance losses(1985 USD) with total losses like two to three time grater than this.

Alabama Governor George Wallace declared three counties in Alabama. South Carolina Governor Dick Riley declared a disaster in Spartanburg County. There were two fatalities and 14 injuries in Alabama and $5 million dollars (1985 USD) in damage, mostly from tornadoes. Thirty-six injuries were also reported by the red cross in South Carolina. In Galveston, one person indirectly died due to electrocution while moving a sail boat. In North Carolina, high winds downed tress and minor flooding was reported.

Hurricane Danny spawned a large tornado outbreak from Louisiana eastward. Two tornadoes were reported in Louisiana, 2 in Mississippi, 34 in Alabama, 3 in Tennessee, 4 in Georgia, 1 in South Carolina, and 3 in North Carolina. In Mississippi, an F2 tornado spawned by Danny touched down near Hickory at 1235 UTC. The 72 feet (22 m) wide tornado caused no damage. Two of the most damaging tornadoes spawned by Hurricane Danny was struck Huntsville and Jasper, Alabama. One of them tornado touched down at 2030 UTC near Hunttsville. The twister damaged trees, signs. and flipped over two trailers. The tornado also damaged a runway at Marshall Space Flight Center. Another tornado touched down at 1945 UTC. An F2 tornado, considerable damage was reported. Twenty-seven single family residences and 18 mobile homes were destroyed. Forty-six houses and 6 mobile homes suffering from major damage. Minimal damage was reported in 44 homes, 2 mobile homes, and 23 businesses. An F3 Tornado spawned by Danny, struck Waco and damaged a path of 500 yards wide making the tornado the largest hurricane spawned tornado at that time. Two people were killed when their car hydroplaned due to a tornado in Rockingham County in Danny's outbreak contained a then-record 13 significant tornadoes spawned by a hurricane; however, since then, Hurricane Ivan surpassed this, producing 18 significant tornadoes.

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