Hungary's Next Top Model

Hungary's Next Top Model (Magyarország Következő Topmodellje in Hungarian) was a Hungarian reality television show that was based on American model Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model. Hungarian model Viktória Vámosi hosted the first "cycle", but left the show at the end of the cycle due to creative discrepancies with the Hungarian producers, and was replaced by Panni Epres.

The finale was live and featured a twist: next to the original top three, Réka Nagy, Anna Rónaszéki, and Judit Lattmann, the audience had the chance to vote one of the ten previously-eliminated models back into the competition. The audience chose Valentina Papp, who was the latest victim of elimination. Papp surpassed Lattmann to win third place. The eventual winner was Réka Nagy.

The debut season of the show premiered on Viasat 3 in September 2006 and finished 22 December 2006.

In 2010 a British production company from London plans to produce another cycle of the program in Hungary. That show will be a slightly different from the American "Next Top Model" format.

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