Hungarian Authorities

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Eugen Filotti - Diplomatic Activity - Minister Plenipotentiary To Hungary
... Immediately after the Vienna Award, the Hungarian authorities had take violent actions against the Romanian population ... Therefore the Romanian authorities were compelled to obtain not only general statements about such events, but detailed information, as precise as possible, regarding the ... Inevitably, the Hungarian authorities became aware of these activities ...
History Of Budapest - 20th Century
... I which had led to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, half of the Hungarian population was cut away from Hungary by the Treaty of Trianon and made part of surrounding ... two revolutions the Aster Revolution brought about the Hungarian Democratic Republic, which was followed by the Hungarian Soviet Republic, a short-lived Communist regime led by Béla Kun, followed by ... The Hungarian–Romanian War of 1919 ended with the Romanian occupation of parts of Hungary proper, including Budapest in August 1919, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Hungary ...
Charles Zentai - Extradition Fight
... that Zentai could not be extradited, as the Hungarian authorities had not charged him with an offence, and instead he was only being ordered to return to face questioning ... O'Connor lodged an appeal against the decision (that as the Hungarian authorities had not laid charges, the Australian government did not have the legal ... The Hungarian authorities have not explained why they could not question him in Australia under the treaty on criminal cooperation ...

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