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The movement has its conceptual roots in existentialism and humanism. Its emergence is linked to humanistic psychology, also known as the "3rd force" in psychology (after psychoanalysis and behaviorism, and before the "4th force" of transpersonal psychology—which emphasizes esoteric, psychic, mystical, and spiritual development).

It is popular these days to talk of Transpersonal psychology as the 'Fourth Force' following Freudian psychoanalysis, Behaviourism and Humanistic Psychology. As its name suggests, Transpersonal psychology refers to states of being beyond the ego. The Transpersonal perspective seeks to broaden the traditional scope of psychological enquiry, taking in such studies as the nature of holistic wellbeing, peak religious and mystical experiences, the experiential psycho-therapies and the wisdom traditions of East and West.

Nevill Drury, The Elements of Human Potential, Element Books

Some commentators consider the HPM synonymous with humanistic psychology. The movement is strongly influenced by Abraham Maslow's theory of self-actualization as the supreme expression of a human's life.

Some sources credit the name "Human Potential Movement" to George Leonard.

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