HRU or Hru may refer to:

  • HRU (security), the Harrison, Ruzzo and Ullman security model
  • Hru, a minor Enochian angel
  • Herington Regional Airport, IATA code HRU
  • "How are you?", in Internet chat shorthand
  • Hruso languages, ISO 639-3 code hru
  • Human Readable URL, a popular technology used in websites (mostly CMS) for:
    • better indexing of a site's contents, especially for Google & Yandex search engines;
    • more easily remembered page URLs, replacing numeric page addresses
  • North Harbour Rugby Union, New Zealand rugby team known as Harbour Rugby Union or HRU
  • HRU also stand for High Representative of the Union- the EU's External relations official

Other articles related to "hru":

... Hruševo is a settlement to the northeast of Dobrova in the Municipality of Dobrova–Polhov Gradec in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia ... Hruševnik Creek flows through the valley south of the main part of Hruševo, and then separates this and Log from Selo and Na Govcu before joining the Gradaščica River ...
Hrušov (Ostrava)
... Hrušov (Polish Gruszów or Hruszów, German Hruschau) is a part of the city of Ostrava, Moravian-Silesian Region in the Czech Republic ... Hrušov is historically a market town, now administratively a part of the district of Slezská Ostrava ... Hrušov gained market town rights in 1908 ...
Hruševo - Name
... The name Hruševo is derived from the Slovene word hruška 'pear' and, like similar names (e.g ... Hruševica, Hruševka, Hruševje), originally referred to the local vegetation ...
Shūjin E No Pert-em-Hru
... Shūjin e no Pert-em-Hru (囚人へのペル・エム・フル, Shūjin e no Peru emu furu?) is a Japanese freeware role-playing video game created with RPG Tsukūru Dante 98 II ... "Pert-em-Hru" refers to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, so the title of the game means "The Book of the Dead for the Prisoners" ...