Horse Pulling

Horse pulling is a draft horse competition where horses in harness, usually one or two animals, pull a stone-boat or weighted sled and the winner is the team or animal that can pull the most weight for a short distance.

There are different weight classes and strict rules to avoid animal cruelty. The Belgian horse is the breed most frequently seen, but other draft breeds are also used. There are also competitions for ponies, where they pull significant weight relative to their size, but usually for shorter distances than full-sized horses.

Related sports are tractor pulling and Canine Weight pulling. However, horses pull less weight than tractors, but much more than dogs.

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Horse Pulling - Rules and Regulations
... are in place to protect the safety of the horses during competitions ... The Eastern Draft Horse Association, being the largest horse pulling organization in the country, works to ensure safety during competitions by enforcing rules and regulations ... has its own rules in addition to the Eastern Draft Horse Associations rules ...

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