Horn-rimmed Glasses

Horn-rimmed glasses are a type of eyeglasses. Originally made out of either horn or tortoise shell, for most of their history they have actually been constructed out of thick plastics designed to imitate those materials. They are characterized by their bold appearance on the wearer's face, in contrast to metal frames, which appear less pronounced.

Horn-rimmed glasses were one of the first style of eyeglasses to become a popular fashion item, after comedian Harold Lloyd began wearing a round pair in his films. The glasses have enjoyed various periods of popularity throughout the 20th century, being considered especially fashionable in the early 1900s and in the 1940s–1960s in particular. The style enjoyed a renaissance in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, with influence from the emo and hipster subcultures, which embraced geek chic; and from the television series Mad Men, which repopularized 1960s fashions in general.

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Horn-rimmed Glasses - History
... Horn rim glasses were initially popularized by comedian Harold Lloyd after he wore them in his 1917 comedy short Over the Fence ... amongst Americans in the 1910s, completing the ensemble with a pair of round, horn-rimmed glasses that would solidify the character's status as "ordinary." Glasses wearing had long been ... Lloyd named the character "The Glasses Character" or "The Glass Character" after the frames the lenses themselves had in fact been removed, both because Lloyd did not require glasses to see ...

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