Horatio Alger Myth

Horatio Alger Myth

The "Horatio Alger myth" is the rags to riches message in books by Horatio Alger, Jr.. Alger wrote over 100 books for young working class males, beginning with Ragged Dick, which was published in 1867. His books have been described as rags to riches stories. “By leading exemplary lives, struggling valiantly against poverty and adversity,” Alger’s protagonists gain both wealth and honor, ultimately realizing the American Dream. The characters in his formulaic stories sometimes improved their social position through the aid of an older, kindly, wealthly helping person.

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Horatio Alger Myth - Criticism and Analysis - Harlon L. Dalton
... Dalton, Professor of Law at Yale University, not only objects to the Horatio Alger myth, but also maintains that it is socially destructive ... Dalton explains that the Horatio Alger myth conveys three basic messages, “(1) each of us is judged solely on her or his own merits (2) we each have a fair opportunity to develop those merits ... The first message is a variant on the rugged individualism ethos…In this form, the Horatio Alger myth suggests that success in life has nothing to do with pedigree, race, class background, gender, national ...

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