Holdrian Comma - Arabian Comma

Arabian Comma

The name "Arabian comma" may be inaccurate; the comma has been employed mainly in Turkish music theory by Kemal Ilerici, and by the Turkish composer Erol Sayan. The name of this comma is "Holder koması" in Turkish.

For instance, the makam rast (similar to the Western major scale) may be considered in terms of Holdrian commas:

c d e f g a b c' commas: 9 8 5 9 9 8 5

while in contrast, the makam nihavend (similar to the Western minor scale):

c d e♭ f g a♭ b♭ c' commas: 9 4 9 9 4 9 9

has medium seconds between d–e, e–f, g–a, a–b, and b–c', a medium second being somewhere in between 8 and 9 commas.

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