Holding Times

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Renewal Theory - Renewal Processes - Introduction
... the Poisson process is a continuous-time Markov process on the positive integers (usually starting at zero) which has independent identically distributed holding times at each integer (exponenti ... same informal spirit, we may define a renewal process to be the same thing, except that the holding times take on a more general distribution ... that the independence and identical distribution (IID) property of the holding times is retained) ...
Hee Haw - Recurring Sketches and Segments
... stand with their back to the viewer while Campbell sang the new, humorous verse solo, holding a scythe ... episodes, which had several major guest stars, the routine appeared several times in the show so that each guest would have the chance to be part of this tradition ... The sketch always ended with Roy's banjo solo, each time ending a different comical way ...

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    There are times when it is more courageous to be cowardly.
    Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)

    That big gun in your hand makes you look grown up—you think! I’ll bet you spend hours posing in front of a mirror holding it, trying to look tough!... You scum!
    Richard Brooks (1912–1992)