HMW could refer to:

  • Hampton Wick railway station, London, England; National Rail station code HMW.
  • Hazardous Materials Warning
  • High-Molecular-Weight
  • Homewood (Amtrak station), Illinois, United States; Amtrak station code HMW.
  • Western Mashan Hmong language; ISO 639 language code hmw.
  • Handbook of the Mammals of the World, a book project by Lynx Edicions.

Other articles related to "hmw":

Triticeae Glutens - Prolamins and Glutelins - Chemical Behavior
... High molecular weight (HMW) - proline-less (Glu-1 locus) Low molecular weight (LMW) - α-gliadin-like polypeptide (Glu-3 locus) Barley (Hordeum) has two ... α-glutelin (major component, HMW) - cuts at 1 to 3% rel ...
... protein aggregates of high molecular weight (HMW) and low molecular weight (LMW) subunits with molar masses from c. 200,000 to a few million, which ... Glutenins occur as multimeric aggregates of high molecular weight (HMW) and low-molecular-weight (LMW) subunits held together by disulphide bonds ... HMW glutenins are encoded by genes at the Glu-1 loci found on the long arms of group 1 chromosomes ...
Fine Chemical - Products
... one distinguishes first between low-molecular-weight (LMW) and high-molecular-weight (HMW) products ... The generally accepted threshold between LMW and HMW is a molecular weight of about 700 ... The HMW products, respectively large molecules, are obtained mainly by biotechnology processes ...
Tropomyosin - Role in Diseases - Cancer
... whereby a normal cell becomes malignant, there is a decreased synthesis of HMW tropomyosin isoforms ... fibroblast cell line REF-52 and of normal rat kidney cells led to decreased synthesis of HMW tropomyosins ... metastatic, there was a marked decrease in the expression of HMW tropomyosin 2 protein and mRNA levels ...